Professional Upholstery Cleaning with House Cleaning Sydney

You have probably tried to spot clean fresh stains from your couch with some success. And you generally aim at vacuuming the most used piece of furniture in any home on a regular basis. Still, over time, sofas begin to lose their bright look and surely, yours is not an exception.

A professional upholstery cleaning service is always the best restoration option for your soft furnishings because it employs a powerful equipment, which is designed to remedy almost any stain issue you might have with the furniture fabric. Together, with the most suitable detergent and stain removal solution, the deep cleaning procedure returns undoubtedly your piece to a near-new condition.

Whether the selected cleaning method uses hot water, which is subsequently extracted along with the dirt, or the technique incorporates a very low moisture system, one thing is for sure – the results are visible when the cleaning is done correctly by a skilled technician.

Steam cleaning vs. dry cleaning – trust the experts

Most man-made fibres can be, both, steam cleaned or dry cleaned. However, several factors prompt experienced upholstery cleaning specialists to suggest dry cleaning as the more suitable deep cleaning technique for your upholstered furniture.

Dry cleaning

  • It is the recommended cleaning method for delicate upholstery fabrics: viscose, suede, etc.
  • Some bright coloured textiles have poor colour fastness to high-temperature water-based cleaning, hence, a VLM-deep cleaning solution is the preferred choice
  • When drying time is a problem, dry cleaning is the welcome deep cleaning option

Steam cleaning

  • Most synthetic fibres can be cleaned by employing a water-based method
  • Resilient fibres, which are not prone to colour bleeding or shrinking, will withstand the process of steam cleaning
  • Heavily soiled upholstered items may benefit from being steam cleaned, especially when drying time (from 4 to 6 hours) is not an issue
  • Mattresses can be safely cleaned by using the hot water extraction method

4 steps to your professionally cleaned upholstery

  • The technicians vacuum thoroughly your piece of furniture and inspect the type of fibre to determine the most suitable cleaning method
  • Stubborn stains are pH-tested and pre-treated with the right solution
  • The dry cleaning or the steam cleaning method is subsequently applied
  • The upholstery cleaners offer information on aftercare and explain the benefits of an additional fibre protection against stains

Why entrust your upholstery with House Cleaning Sydney?

You can rest assured that your soft furnishing is in good hands with the experienced, fully qualified and insured upholstery cleaning technicians, we work with. They are experts at identifying not easy-to-spot issues with the fabric and will suggest the best cleaning solution for your piece of furniture. We guarantee the quality of our service by continuously ensuring that the specialists’ job performance is in accordance with industry-set standards at all times.

Request a free quote over the phone or online and book your upholstery cleaning appointment or mattress steam cleaning service with the local specialists.