Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Solutions in Sydney

Vacuum cleaning is rarely sufficient to maintain even the most resilient and stain-resistant carpets in optimum condition. Now and again, your carpet will benefit from a professional deep cleaning treatment, performed with a powerful equipment and the right detergents. The procedure, when done correctly, will not only remove the accumulated dirt, potential allergens and stubborn stains, but it will also bring back the colour of your floor covering and extend its life.

House Cleaning Sydney works with experienced carpet cleaning technicians who know how to restore the original appearance of your tired looking carpeting or rug. They follow a stringent protocol of testing and inspecting the fabric and type of carpet fibre before proceeding with the cleaning process.

Deep cleaning methods for bright carpets and rugs

You may have tried to deep clean your carpet with unsatisfactory results by hiring a steam cleaner. We have heard a number of clients confirming that a DIY-steam cleaning machine is more often than not the culprit behind a mediocre quality of cleaning and a poor outcome. This is because a number of important factors are usually not considered by folks when they attempt to clean their floor coverings themselves.

Steam cleaning of carpets with the experts

  1. Power vacuuming should precede the deep cleaning process, so hard soiling is removed from the carpeting.
  2. A careful inspection of the carpet fibre helps the specialists determine the right cleaning solution that should be used with the hot water extraction equipment.
  3. Identified stubborn stains are also pH-tested and pretreated with the correct detergent.
  4. A professional steam cleaning machine is employed, which leaves the carpet almost dry by extracting the moisture along with the grime.
  5. A drying time of 2 to 4 hours, however, still applies.

Dry cleaning of carpets with the experts

  1. House Cleaning Sydney counts on skilled carpet restoration technicians who have a vast understanding of delicate floor coverings, which will benefit from being dry cleaned rather than steam cleaned.
  2. Grit, dust and small particles are expertly removed with an industry-powered vacuum cleaner.
  3. The suitability of the dry cleaning technique is determined after a thorough inspection of the carpet fibre when the right cleaning agent is also selected.
  4. The carpeting is then pre-treated with a type of cleaning solution and then, a specialised equipment is employed to remove the chemical, together with the dissolved soiling.
  5. Due to the VLM-system (very low moisture) that is incorporated in the deep cleaning process, the required drying time is minimal.

Take advantage of having your upholstered furniture deep cleaned at the same time as your carpeting by booking two services at preferential rates. Just fill the form on this website or get in touch with us by phone.

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