Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning Services in Sydney

Looking for a regular window cleaning assistance in the area of Sydney? We can help by providing you with advanced solutions, which will not only leave you with sparkling streak-free windows but will also extend the lifespan of the glass panels.

Weather elements like storms and rain, or salt exposure if your property is situated near the beach, are the most common factors that contribute to the contamination buildup on your exterior windows. As soon as moisture evaporates, the glass ends up covered with a film of impurities. Furthermore, fume particles and dust also accumulate over time, which if not removed, will jeopardise your windows’ “see through” properties and their durability. Hence, it is recommended that your windows are washed at regular intervals on a monthly basis or at least, every two months.

Our purified water window washing system is second to none

For exterior windows located up to the fourth storey, House Cleaning Sydney offers the innovative water-fed pole cleaning method where only purified water is used. Minerals and other water compounds are filtered out, making the water much softer. When washed by applying this effective and eco-friendly technique, your windows are left to dry naturally. The glass panels are absolutely spotless, with no trace of streaks or smears.

Ground floor windows, as well as the interior glass panes in your home, are cleaned traditionally, with ammonia-free window cleaning products. The cleaning specialists, our company relies on, are fully qualified and experienced to complete the job to the highest standard. They will arrive at your property on time and kitted out with professional equipment and tools. Upon request, the cleaners will wipe and polish your PVC window frames and sills.

Get in touch with us for a competitive quote

You can call us or request a window cleaning service by filling the online booking form on this website. We will return your call promptly and provide you with information on the prices for one-off and regular window cleaning sessions, based on the number of windows or glass doors you need washing. Please, note that preferential rates may apply for regular service bookings.

For any other queries, you can contact us and we will gladly endeavour to help.