Spotless & Shiny Ovens with House Cleaning Sydney

What is behind a professional oven cleaning service? – we have been asked many times. The most important difference between a DIY-oven cleaning and a paid service, performed by qualified technicians, is that with the latter, your appliance is dismantled in its removable parts and thoroughly cleaned in detail.

The same goes for your outdoor cooking equipment – the BBQ, which is also scrubbed and polished by removing and cleaning its individual parts.

The result from such a thorough approach is always a meticulously looking and a better performing appliance.

Deep cleaning and detailing services for ovens & BBQs – the process explained

House Cleaning Sydney have developed an effective maintenance system to bring your oven to a showroom-like condition.

  1. The technicians responsibly protect your home interior by wearing overshoes and placing a mat to cover the immediate floor area around your oven.
  2. They will carefully check the appliance chamber and the material that is made from to determine the most suitable cleaning agent.
  3. Removable parts, such as racks, tracks, often the oven door, the rubber seal, if it is not sealed, etc. are degreased, scrubbed, washed and dried individually.
  4. A degreaser is also applied on the inside of your appliance, followed by the careful scraping off all burnt deposits, food particles and the dissolved grease.
  5. A thorough wipe is, then, given to the oven chamber and the exterior surfaces of your cooking appliance are disinfected and polished.
  6. All the fresh cleaned parts are placed back and assembled.
  7. The oven cleaning technicians perform a quick test to ensure that the oven is functioning correctly.

A great number of our customers choose to combine their oven cleaning service with a professional BBQ clean, especially when the outdoor cooking season is about to begin. The procedure involves the same steps, where the elements, which can be disassembled, are scrubbed clean individually. The cleaning specialists spray the BBQ with a protective oil at the end of the service, which boosts its rust resistance and prolongs its life.

What are the benefits of a professionally cleaned cooking appliance?

Whether it is your oven or your BBQ that needs to be professionally cleaned, you can confidently expect the following as a result:

  • Better taste of food
  • Extended life of your cooking equipment
  • Superior working performance
  • Decreased risk of fire hazards
  • Lower energy consumption (with a serviced oven)
  • Effective deterrence against pests (with a serviced BBQ)

So, why not just get in touch with us, online or over the phone, and experience for yourself the true satisfaction of cooking in a shiny and thoroughly sanitised appliance?